Wednesday, July 11
Vhils and Target at Niu Gallery
On Thursday 28th July, one day before the official start of Difusor, Target and Vhils (Portugal) offered a live performance at the Niu Gallery, Barcelona… these two young artists bursting with talent who are also good friends set the standard very high that night by painting a large mural inside the gallery in front of a very appreciative crowd. The mood that night was of excitement and anticipation: artists couldn’t wait to show off their work on the walls of Barcelona and stencils enthusiasts were equally eager to witness the treat that Difusor was about to offer.



Vhils also on the net at:

wooster collective


veracortes art agency
Blogger The Lone Beader said...
Wow! Your blog is great! Thank you for sharing=:) Cheers from Boston:)

Anonymous Chelsa said...
Keep up the good work.