Wednesday, July 11
Team effort
On Saturday and Sunday, the action was taking place in the streets in 6 different spots around the city. One of them was shared with painters involved in the street art festival FAC 07 which was running alongside Difusor. The meeting of the artists from both festivals resulted in interesting collaborations such as m-city/Pez.

Collaborations were really the theme of the festival as Difusor offered a unique opportunity for artists all around the world to paint together. I had feared that the finished walls would lack coherence as the stencil medium doesn’t allow much spontaneity, but artists often managed to take into account the surrounding work of other artists to create beautiful pieces.

Throughout the festival, I asked many artists if they there was anyone they particularly wanted to meet and work with at Difusor, the answer was unanimous: EVERYONE!

Sinboy // Sten & Lex

Royal Fish Club spots eight bit’s bats

Don Silencio finds a voice with Ripo

photo credit: Pure Evil

photo credit: Pure Evil

Don silencio VS Pure Evil

Pi & Pure Evil

m-city shows the versatility of his style with Pez

Btoy & Purple dog crew