Wednesday, July 11
SNUB... Grrr!
Can you describe your work briefly?


Why do you paint in the streets?

SNUB means to disagree and ignore. Which is how I feel about all the visual rubbish we are surrounded by daily, I try and add something of my own that has more meaning than selling the latest gadget or insurance policy!

What are your favourite spots? (cities, neighbourhood...)

I like to get stickers up where people pause, near traffic lights is a good spot. For painting I'd rather paint a derelict factory or abandoned house. You get interesting walls and environments, and no hassle from passers by. But painting as a crew you can do anywhere.

Have you ever had any trouble with the police?

Er yeah.. having a big pen in your pocket while staggering home drunk is not clever. Climbing on bins to write on signs in the middle of town. Got locked up for the night.. not fun.

If you could hit any spot and paint anything, what would you do and where?

I'd like to paint a plane, a real big one. So when it flies over.. you can read SNUB on the side. Actually I like painting any vehicles.

What has been your best moment at Difusor? (painting experience, people you met...)

Meeting OrticaNoodles, I was really looking forward to, we've know each other online for a long time, swapped artwork and done collaborations but never met. A great guy producing great work. The best parts of the weekend were the gatherings, when everyone's painting and into their thing, there's an awesome atmosphere. Most street artists work solo, so to be amongst others that understand you is great.

Where would you like the next stencil event to take place?

Somewhere hot again please.

Any interesting plans for the future?

I'm trying to get to paint at quite a few music festivals this summer, at Glade next week then a few more lined up. Hoping to visit Milan before the year is over too, visit Noodles, and a friend is opening a club/brewery he wants me to paint not far from Milan. Just got my website live, so putting a lot of time into that right now. But things change and new stuff crops up.. which is one of the reason I love it so much.