Wednesday, July 11

Over 90 artists from 18 different countries in one city for one weekend, this was Difusor stencil art festival’s colossal achievement.

Thanks to the people behind Coolture, Borbo and Schhh, from Friday 29th June to Sunday 1st July, Barcelona was proudly hosting the international meeting of stencil art with artists such as Pure Evil (England), m-city (Poland), Vhils (Portugal), Orticanoodles (Italy)...
For 3 days, 6 spots around the city saw amazingly talented artists cover their walls in a jubilant and welcoming atmosphere.

However, the aim of the event wasn’t only to gather a bunch of artists for a happy few days of painting in the streets of Barcelona; its purpose was also to raise issues regarding street art in general as well as showcasing the diversity of the stencil art scene: diversity of styles and techniques, from Artiste Ouvrier’s intricate and colourful pieces to Xpome’s effective geometrical graphics; diversity of philosophy, from those like Spliff Gachette who have a strong political agenda to others like Is Bach who illuminate walls with stunning detailed stencils; and diversity of background: graffiti, illustrations, architecture, old school, new school and “hole school”: it all came together… beautifully.

video by Berberecho Productions

thanks to Marcos Zender for helping me with this video