Wednesday, July 11
m-city's largest piece
The Difusor festival hadn’t even officially started that something rather special was already taking place: m-city was in town to create his biggest and most difficult to photograph piece to date: his building blocks were about to spread over a 30 meter-long and 6 meter-high wall.
On Thursday, with the plan of the piece sketched on a scrap of paper, he placed his first stencil on a very intimidating white wall. However, his flawless technique and precious help from his friend and artist Ludzik enabled him to work rapidly across the wall: each stencil is made out of one white wall, one black wall and the roof of the building block; only the needed part, wall or roof, is then painted. This modular approach means he can create a seemingly infinite range of building combinations.
By Friday morning, the plan had changed slightly and was now just scribbled on the artist’s left arm, yet the stencilled city was relentlessly sprawling across the huge concrete canvas. By the end of the day, the piece was finished and had already gained notoriety around

Witnessing m-city at work was both a privilege and fascinating, the implacable speed of the construction perfectly reflected the urban growth we’re witnessing around the world and surely enough, just as any other city, m-city’s latest piece had been graffiti-ed only a couple days after completion.

After Difusor, m-city went to Sao Paulo for the street art festival A conquista de Espaço to work alongside artists like Blu, Sam3, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, Mark Jenkins... Pictures of rather impressive work have already started to appear on Blu's blog.