Wednesday, July 11
i loved...
Some artists created quite a stir at the Difusor festival, m-city of course with his gigantic wall, but also with his tiny piece on a rock. What a great spot!

Sten and lex (Italy) got a lot of attention with their insanely detailed halftone stencils. They call it “hole school” and yes… they are all hand made!

Pure Evil did his own version of Guernica.

photo credit: Massoud

When Einsamkeit sent me a picture of this little girl a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was a wheat paste rather than a stencil… then I got to see it for real, I had to touch it to believe it…

There was one artist in particular I was keen to meet at difusor: Fragil from Barcelona. His work is all over town, I’ve counted about 6 pieces in a 20 meter radius around my house including one right outside my front door. A few weeks ago, I went to Madrid by bus; on the way we made a stop at a service station in Zaragoza. I got off the bus and there he was again! Whether he does stencils, wheat pastes, graffiti… it’s always looking great.

Bandit: efficient, omnipresent with effective designs... Everybody loved Bandit

photo credit: umc + tiny bit of photoshopping

I had never seen one of FKDL's pasted figure other than on photo... now they're all over Barcelona. Merci Franck!

FKDL came to Difusor with his 20 year old son who did his very first stencil at the festival: a rose