Wednesday, July 11
3 cutters exhibition: Fremantle, Don Silencio, m-city
As part of the Difusor, the 3 cutters exhibition was launched on Saturday 1st July at the Miscelänea gallery. Fremantle (France) Don Silencio (Denmark) and m-city (Poland) brought their different styles together for a show illustrating the diversity of stencil art. The polish artist used doors from old fridges instead of canvases; the public was then invited to arrange stencilled magnets depicting buildings, vehicles and people to create their own cities. By then m-city had shown throughout the Difusor festival how strong, versatile and original his concept is (if he ever needed to) and he was quickly becoming the star of the event!


photo credit: Don Silencio

Don silencio


Blogger mikel falcon said...
Caroline: Gracias al blog Difusor las personas que consideramos el graffiti como un paso más en los movimientos artísticos de vanguardia, nos podemos informar sobre la actualidad de este movimiento. La confección es impecable.

Blogger mikel falcon said...
Grácias por hacer un blog como Difusor. Es muy bueno. Informa de este movimiento de vanguardia con gran conocimiento . Mikel

Blogger mikel falcon said...
El que manipula el papel no es Ripo? Debajo pone m-ciudad.

Blogger caroline said...
si! es Ripo jugando con las plantillas de m-city!